A Glimpse of Tai Khampti. Letter Written to the Khamptee Raja (King). By:- Chow Uppa Mansai



H.K.Borpujari: Assam in the Days of company; 1826-1858. (1963).
Political consultation, Bengal, 1830; September 24, No - 76
Neufville to the Agent, June 14, 1830.

Letter - A

      The Barphooken writes to the Suddeyakhowa Gohayan-

               To you and the Bursenaputtee the Surgeedeo has deputed me. On the road there are many dangers for which reason having remained with the Eangoreeya (Pealeeya Burgahaya). I have sent his son. If you wish for a Surgeedeo and the restoration (to power) of the sevent noble houses, you will not neglect to send along with the young man the soldiers under your orders. Whe also have taken measures. If you think that this is false, send your own man to inspect (our force). I write to you, because your elder brother and uncle were always united with the seven noble house. On this account i write. Do not fail.

Seal of the Bur Booroowa.

Letter - B

     From peyalleeya Burphooken (Borgohain !).

      To Suddeeya khowa Bappa. I write. I am well and i hope you also are so. You sent a boat and men for me, but i could not go, because Surgeedeo has made the Burphooken the chief and collected the Booroowas and Phookens of the seven noble families and the Koonwars and musketeers. We have got the Bursenapattee's second son and the Bur Booroowa's son; besides them Jyntea, Moghal, Munnipur, the Garrows, (the) Doplas and (the) Nagas have all conspired together. On this account, i cannot go but i send your brother (his son Hurnath and implying that he considered the Suddeeya khowa Gohayan as his son also). Before this the Surgeedeo has spoken to you, now also the seven noble houses say to you, if you wish to see us restored, give us some men secretely and ........ you apparently keep terms with the Bengalees. Do not fail, the Surgeedeo has enrolled your name with the three (the three Dangoreeyas or magnates). The person sent is inexperienced, You will teach and show him everything. Upon you we rest our hope.

True translation                     
Agent to the Governor-General.