1. Pha-Huo : Pha huo is a traditional Tai khamti turban and part of the traditional attire of many ethnic groups. Pha-huo literally means "headdress" in Tai language. It is a part of traditional ceremonial attire, worn at formal gatherings and ceremonies. The Pha huo is usually made of silk or cotton, depending on the rank or wealth of the owner. It is put on the head im a clockwise manner, with tongue on the left side. The younger boys usually wear pink or cream coloured turban while the elders are commonly seen in white turban. Nowadays, the younger boys mostly wear ready made turban which are wrapped over a wicker frame.
2. Suea Hatt Tuo : This is an outer garment wear over the shirt similarly like half jacket. This garment is wear only during ceremonies and festivals. The distinctive feature of Suea Hatt Tuo is that they often have gold gilded decoration, with floral works and precious gems, which can be somehow recognisable as Tai Khamti style.
3. Suea Pachai : This is a long sleeved white shirt made of cotton or khadi. It is similar to Chinese style shirt with frog buttons and unfolded stand up collar.
4. Pha-Noi : This is a lower garment for men similar to Burmese patso (Lunyi). In Tai khamti language it is called "Pha-Noi". It is wear at the waist which hang down to the calves. It is wear in such a way that the knots below the novels donot budge too much. The Phanoi is composed of seven colours. It is made by costly and high quality silk or cotton.
By : C.K Tunkhang.