A Glimpse of Tai Khampti. Kuboolyut of Suddeya Khowah gohain,1826. By:- Chow Uppa Mansai

Kuboolyut of Suddeya Khowah Gohain, 1826

      Salan Suddeya Khow Gohain makes the following Agreement. I am made Khowah Huddah of Suddeya for the purpose that i perform all the duties of the company, and which i agree by this writing to do. The 12 Sirings under me have 43 Gotes of 3 Pykes, and of Khamptees there are 40 and 1 Poa, and of Dooms there are 12 Gotes, 1 Poa- total 95 Gotes, 2 Poa. of these the Siring Burrooah has 1 Gote and 1 Poa and 8 Gotes of Siksoos, and my own are 10 Gotes with 1 Poa for Rnnut Mura. Also the Bura of Khamptees and Dooms has 4 Gotes remaining 72 Gotes, of these 40 are fighting men, and 20 working men, and 12 fishermen: these shall be forthcoming according to the customs of the country by Mal, Dewal, Teeal; and i will do justice to the people under me, but in cases on murder, the papers, witnesses and offenders shall be sent to the Huzoor, and i will be always ready to obey the orders of the Huzoor, and that russud shall be given on payment. This paper is written before every one.

(Sd) Salan Suddeya Khowah

Kagessur, Duftry
Sundee Sing, Chupprassee

Signed with Mr. Scott's initial

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