A Glimpse of Tai Khampti. Chronology. By:- Chow Uppa Mansai


568 A.D.             Tai kingdom of Mung-Ri-Ram or Mung-Wan was established in Yunan by Khun-Lu and Khun-Lai.

608 A.D.              Eldest son of Khun-Lai, Ai-Khun-Long founded the kingdom of Mung-Kong in Burma.

13th cent.              Ahum migrated to Assam and Hkhamptee to Mung-Khamptee-Long or Bor-Khamptee.

1751-69 A.D.       Burmese king Alamphra or Alam-Paya, dismembered the Tai kingdom of Mung-Kong.

1760. A.D.           Phakial or Phakey entered Assam, resided or Buri-Dihing.

1780-94. A.D.      Moamariah Rebellion, Singphoos entered Assam Khamptees consolidated their position 
                          400 new Khamptees entered Assam. 
1780-95. A.D.      Khamptees pushed towards Sadya from Tengapani, weak rule of Ahum king Gaurinath Singh.

1790. A.D.            Abor and Khamptee war; latter added by Singphoos;

1793. A.D.            Khamptee Chief Chau Mung-Ngin-Long appointed as Sadya-Khowa-Gohain under Ahum.

1794-1809. A.D.  Khamptees and Singphoos expelled to Bor-Khamptee;

1801-1811. A.D.  Khamptees regain Sadiya Khowaship in alliance with Singphoos;

1816-17. A.D.      First Burmese invasion, Jorhat occupied, Khamptees captives released. 

1818. A.D.            Burmese appointed their own Governor at Sadiya;

1824. A.D.            Burmese driven out; Chau-Salan-Gohain rested as Khamptee Sadiya-Khowa-Gohain, but with lesser powers.

1839. A.D.            Ahums arranged revolt against the British with helped of Khamptees, Singphoos, Nagas, Khasis and Garos; It was failure, yet Khamptee-British relations were not disturbed.

1835. A.D.           Chau Salan Gohain died. Chau Rang-Pha succeeded as Sadiya Khowa-Gohain. 230 new Khamptees arrived in Assam. Dispute with Matakas over Soikhowa region. Khamptee Chief Chau Planlu alias Ranuwa Gohain forcibly occupied Soikhowa; Chau Planglu deposed sent to Guwahati. Sadia under directly under British administration.

1835-36. A.D.     Khamptees helped the British against Singphoos. Chau Rang-Pha or Chau Planglu allowed to return Sadiya, at his private capacity; Chau Rang-Pha returned. 

1837. A.D.          Khamptees were suspected to have entered treaties with Abors and Mishmis to attack the British.

1839. A.D.          600 Khamptees revolted at Sadiya. Killed 80 persons and Political Agent. Some were expelled to Bor-Khamptee of Burma.

1843. A.D.          Deported Khamptee's settled in Dikrang-Narayanput, Dibrugarh and Dhemajee.

1844. A.D.          Khamptees allowed to re-occupy their villages.

1850. A.D.          Three to four hundred Khamptees arrive from Burma.

1852. A.D.          Chow Singthi Gohain arrived from Burma with 300 settlers. Allowed to settled on the Dirak near Saikhowah. 

1853. A.D.          Chow Keng Gohai appointed as Chief of intelligence by Dalton.

1858. A.D.          Khamptees supplied men in the first Abor Expedition.

1859. A.D.          100 Khamptees participated in the second Abor Expedition.

1877. A.D.          Khamptee-Singpho region surveyed by Col.Woodthrope of Topographical Survey.

1881. A.D.          Nizamghat opened. Khamptees accompanied the British troops.

1881. A.D.          Khamptee population 2,883 according to Census.

1883. A.D.          Piyindin-Sirado visited Khamong.(Vijoynagar).

1885.                  A.D. Chau-Saa-Gohain, Raja (King) of Chowkham was guide of Neddham in the journey upto Rima.  

1891. A.D.         Census mentions 3,040 Khamptee population.