Traditional Matrimony of the Tai-Khamtis:

Traditional Matrimony of the Tai-Khamtis:
The Tai-Khamti society adopt three different types of marriage systems. All the three marriage systems are different to each other on the basis of nature and character. Nevertheless, they have adopted them and amalgamated into their culture making it more natural. The three marriage systems are: Arranged marriage, through service (Khoun-Khoi) and marriage by elopement (Pai Pein Huean). The tai khamti society regards arranged marriage as the most systematic and thus, it is popularly supported system. It is because in this system, the wisdom and experience of the elders are involved. Here, the parents and elders of the families decide about the pros and cons of the arrangement in favour of both the girl and the boy......

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Shared by: C.K Tunkhang.
Pictures taken from Sao Htee Hkam's album.