This is nothing, but a commemoration volume of our ancestors, who were adventurous and lover of independence. The Tai Khamtis, a tribe of rich and glorious heritage, belonging to the great Tai race, migrated from Burma in the middle part of the eighteenth century. They have their indigenous writing called chyatuie. But there is no comprehensive work either in Assamese or in English where we can find relevant of the life and culture of the Khamtis. Sri Lila Gogoi, M.A., a reputed Assamese writer and a keen student on the study of Tai culture and history, come across in conversation that a compilation could be prepared with materials available in different printed works. The young Khamti folk of modern times is quite ignorant about the glorious chapter of their past history. Not much, but a little is told about the life and culture, specially about their history. The Khamtis may be a good subject of study for the student of Anthropology, Sociology, History and Culture. With the hope that going through these pages, our future generations will get inspiration to study their past history, and other scholars may pay attention to this subject, this volume is brought out hurriedly for which I tender my apology to the readers, and writers for whom we have taken extracts for our compilation. Thanks are also due to Sri Lila Gogoi who spared his time to bring out this compilation, and to Sri Kalicharan Pal, Proprietor, Nabajiban Press, Calcutta for kindly printing the work with care.

25th November, 1971
Dibrugarh, Assam.

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