Chow Bilaseng Namchoom.
A high level delegates of World Tipitaka Foundation (WTF) from Thailand comprising WTF Vice President Col. Suradhaj Bunnag, Mrs Matavinee Chokwatana, Miss Kwanreun Aliment, Mr Piyaphong Rakphongthai and Mr Sahapon Direkvattanasan will be arriving at Kongmu Kham (Golden Pagoda) of Tengapani at Namsai District on April 12 next for a conference to discuss on the transcription of the Tipitika Tai-Khampti Pali and into Tai Khampti language. The delegates will also survey for proposed site for establishment of International Tipitika Centre at Kongmu Kham in Namsai District.
Their visit will also coincide with the local grand novice ordination and the Sangken (Water festival) celebration from April 12 to 15 next. A total of 100 novices are going to be ordained this time and will be followed by celebration of Poi Sangken and meditation course by Ven. Sumanavanna Mahathero from Maharastra at Kongmukham. The meditation course will be from April 14 to April 27. The delegates of WTF will be also arranging to telecast and broadcast the all important conference and event of the day of Kongmukham, Namsai Dist directly live on April 13 to 14 in Thailand.
It is indeed a matter of great pride for Tai Khampti Society as for the first time ever in the world that the Tai Khampti Tipitika will be using the Royal emblem of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Her Highness the Queen Sirikit, as never before the Royal Emblem were allowed to be used for any other Tipitikas. The sample of the book with the emblem of the King and the Queen of Thailand will be presented by the visiting delegates to Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein who on behalf of the entire Tai Khampti Society will be receiving it.
The Tipitika Tai Khampti Pali version is first one in the world that is using the King’s and the Queen’s Emblem of Thailand in the book covers. It is expected that the final one of the 40 books of the Tai Khampti Tipitika with the King’s and the Queen’s Emblem of Thailand will be officially handed over at government level sometime during the month of October 2016.
The World Tipitaka Foundation (WTF) is famous for its innovative work of the Tipitaka in Tai Siam (Thai) script and Roman script Pali which they have been giving as Dhamma Gift to many institutes and organizations such as World Court, United Nations and many universities etc., globally for 16 years. Recently the foundation has started its work on transcription and translation of the Tipitika into Tai Khampti script & language.
The World Tipitaka Project has published The Tipitaka Saj-jha-ya King’s Edition, in honor of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej which is also of a great importance for the entire Tai Khampti Society. As an exemplar of correct recitation sound, this is in accordance with the rules of pronunciation in Kaccayana Sutta Pali Grammar in B.E. 1 which is the ancient Pali philology.
The Tai Khampti linguistic team (members of Tai Khampti Heritage and Literature Society) comprising of Abbot of Kongmukham monastery Ven. Vimalatissa Bhikkhu and Chow Kalingna Mannoi under the patronage and guidance of Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein and in close co-ordination of WTF’s representative, Mr. Thanapat Choompolsil, has worked tirelessly for several months to make this Tai Khampti Tipitika come into existence and for being able to invite the high level Thai delegation for survey of the site for establishment of the International Tipitika Centre at Namsai dist.
Tai Khampti is the first among the many Tai communities around the world that is able to the transcribed and translates the Tipitika in Tai Khampti language and reason for this that the Kongmukham (Golden Pagoda) of Tengapani will be promoted as the International Tipitika Centre where all global Tai communities will visit Kongmu Kham to request for the Tipitika.
Meanwhile, the Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein on behalf of the entire Tai communities and his own behalf has conveyed his appreciation and thanks to His Majesty the King and Queen of Thailand for allowing to use the Royal emblem in Tai Khampti Tipitika and as a Royal Gift to the Tai people and has extended his best wishes to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Her Highness the Queen Sirikit and prayed for their Longevity, Peace, Happiness and a long and prosperous reign.
“Please accept, Your Majesty, our best wishes for your success and personal well-being, and for the continued progress and prosperity of the friendly people of the Thailand,” he said.
The Theravada Buddhist Society, Itanagar have also conveyed and extended their best wishes for the royal couple’s good health and continued peace and prosperity of the People of Thailand. The society has thanked the Majesties the King and the Queen of Thailand for giving permission to use the royal emblem in the Tai Khampti Tipitika.