Hundreds of devotees gather for annual Buddhist Sangkyen (Songkran) festival in Empong village, Namsai (A.P).

EMPONG: Empong monastery is considered by the local Tai-Khamti and Singpho people as 'Ti Met' (holy place) as it is believed that the statue installed in there has special powers. The story goes that long time ago an innocent villager sometimes used the statue of Lord Buddha as guard to keep an eye on the rice grains drying in the sun and drive the birds away. It was noticed that whenever this was done, no birds came near to feed on the rice grains and the rick stock remained intact. A visitor to the village noticed this, considered it to be the miraculous workings of the statue, brought it back and installed it in the Empong monastery. Believers visit the place to have their wishes fulfilled and hundreds flock here during the Sangken Festival every year.
The sleepy village of Empong under Chongkham circle has another draw to it. It is believed that childless couples come here to the monastery to pray for their wishes and have had it fulfilled.