Khampti organizes dances and is famous with the name Khampti Dances

Community which is known Khampti organizes dances and is famous with the name Khampti Dances in India and their dramas are also termed accordingly. Khamptis mainly belongs to Buddhists religion as many stories which are related to this religion as well as depict events which are mythical and containing ethical lessons are conveyed through these dances.These dances and activates are generally organized on various festivals such as Khamsang (Poi Sanglong), Sangkyen and Potwah. These dances are organized for entertainment on these festivals.Dance is known as ‘ka’ and the drama of the dance is known ‘kapung’ which means dance and story. It is story which is being depicted by this dance performance. The practice or rehearsal of these dance-drama begins about 1 month before the starting of festive season and is practiced in house or in monastery. Invitation is being sent by villagers to drama-party in order to organize dance.This dance-drama is organized in any courtyard or in any suitable place. Women are not there in this drama that’s why men play role of female part in drama. Once the performances are over, a certain amount of remuneration is provided to party.Now, from this money they buy masks and costumes which are required in drama. Surpluses are shared by other drama party members.

Photo theme: Kaa Laai Mokya Dance.

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