Namsai 21 Dec.2014 : The one day ANAYA Conference held at the Namsai Town Club yesterday concluded successfully with election of new office bearers. The conference was held under the chairmanship of Chow Mowney Singkai and Election Commissioner Chow Khai Longchot.
The new office bearers of ANAYA for session 2014-2018 are-
1. President- Chow Techanam Singkai
2. Vice-President (Administration)- Chow Novodeep Pangyouk
3.Vice-President (Protocol)- Chow Cheykham Manchey
4. General Secretary- Chow Rajana Manpoong
5. Assistant General Secretary- Sengkhong Maio
6. Speaker- Chow Pintu Chowlik
7. Deputy Speaker- Ningroo Sengyut Maio
8. Convener- Chow Tharasa Pomoung
9. Finance Secretary-Chow Fhatra Longkan
10. Assistant Finance Secretary-Chow Nalinda Enling
11. Cultural Secretary-Chow Pawan Chowlu
12. Assistant-Cultural Secretary Chow Ujjal Manpoong
13. Games & Sports Secretary-Chow Senly Manpoong
14 Assistant Games and Sports Secretary Chow Sujingna Mein
15. Social Service Secretary Chow Dhananjoy Mantaw
16. Assistant Social Service Secretary Chow Jotika Kapat
17. Chow Aikhamhom Pangyuk
18. Chief Auditor-Chow Wonnaseng Loungphoi
19. Information and Publicity Secretary- Chow Kungni Manpoong
20. Literary Secretary-Chow Watana Loungphoi
21. Office Secretary- Jotong Maio.
The day long conference concluded with the oath taking ceremony of the newly elected office bearers followed by handing & taking over of charges. The premier youth organisation of the newest district of Arunachal Pradesh , ANAYA assumes more significance as the nascent district marches towards a new destiny. A destiny of peace , progress and prosperity wherein the youths shall be playing the constructive roles as envisaged by the leaders and seniors. The note of the conference just suggests the redefined approach of the youths in the onward march.

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