Poi Pee Mau Tai to commence from

Chow Bilaseng Namchoom
NAMSAI, Nov 18: The Tai community is all set for the 2109 Poi Pee Mau Tai that will be held at Nalung village of Namsai district on November 22. The three day grand celebration of 2109 Poi Pee Mau Tai – the New Year festival of Tai Khampti and other Tai communities is held to conserve the Tai traditional ceremony and celebrate the long, diverse and rich culture. The idea to celebrate the festival in Arunachal Pradesh was conceived by the Tai Khampti Development Society (TKDS) and first took place in 2008 in Namsai in accordance with the ancient Tai Calendar. The noble initiative with the support of the community chiefs, elected leaders, elders and youth was aimed at reviving its age old culture, script, music, sports, dances, folklore and way of life while keeping pace with the modern world.
The celebration at Nalung village is likely to be the biggest in the Namsai district as there will be participation from neighboring state of Assam and countries like Thailand, Myanmar.
The celebration is designed in such a way that it becomes a platform to develop and display the talents of the budding artists and writers of the society, besides exposing the tourism potentials of the area and generating employment avenues for the unemployed. The festival also inspires the youths to protect the identity and culture of the community.
Throughout the three days, there will be a range of cultural performances, including traditional Tai music performances, Tai classical and contemporary dances from various parts of Namsai district and popular dance drama of Tai Khampti called Pung.
The most successful blues band in India “Soulmate” from Shillong (Meghalaya), “Toxic Peace” one of the most skilled bands from Nagaland and “Minutes of Decay” a Delhi based all girl-band from Imphal (Manipur) and “DJ Acid” from Bangalore are slated to perform as well. In addition, there will be demonstrations of Tai martial arts including traditional sword
fighting, traditional sports competition, elephant safari, traditional single log boat race.
The famous Tai cuisine will be served in the various food stalls. The other added attractions of the event are fireworks display, poi pungfai (releasing of fire balloons), beauty pageants and ceremony of floating thousand candles over river Tieng.
Nalung, 3 kms away from Chongkham is a beautiful, serene and monastic village by the  river banks of Tieng, a river with crystal clear water and thriving flora and fauna. The site is
set amidst lush green forest and tea plantation which adds to its mesmerizing beauty that would give ample opportunities to the visitors for a perfect weekend getaway.

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