Tai Khamti. Ecology & Environment. By:- Chau Khuk Manpoong


     The Tai-Khamti people have high sense of environment. They are fond of forest. Invariably, the villages are established near water sources and surrounded by tropical rain forests infested with wild animals. They practice permanent rice cultivation continually on the same fields. They do not practice shifting cultivation which requires perioducal clearing and burning of forests and, in it's wake, brings ill effect on the ecology of the area. Though the Tai-Khampti's are engaged in timber trades which involve tree cutting, they are judicious in extracting trees sparing mother trees, as guided by their forefathers, which maintain the genesis in forestry. As of now, the absence of big industrial plants which produce toxic fluid and gas polluting river waters and air atmosphere, is a factor maintaining the eco-friendly and healthy environment in the Tai-Khampti region. The forest cover in Tai- Khampti region is 70 percent as against the country's national average of 33 percent. Obviously, therefore, the condition of ecology & environment is extremely good.