A Glimpse of Tai Khampti. Agreement with the Khamptee Chiefs. By:- Chow Uppa Mansai

Agreement with the Khamptee Chiefs

    An agreement of good behavior of the Tai Khampti took place in between them and the British authority in 1843. The said agreement between the Khamptee chiefs and the British Government in true Translation, is given below.

   We, the inhabitants of Derack and Suddeya, were engaged in the attack upon the later place and fled to the Mishmee country, we have offered out submission to return back, if out former offences were overlooked, and now we have returned agreeably to the orders of the political Agent, with our followers, viz. Chow Thun, Chow Kieng, Long, Fong Poychoy, Chalan, Sham, Poom, Metong and Chow Lah, but the whole of the Khamptees are unable to return for the present owing to their crops being uncut.  However, they hereby promise to come in with all their families after their crops have been gathered, or within a month and half from this date.

1.  We shall be allowed a significant quantity of lands for our support either at Choonpoora or at Noa-Dehing, for a term of five years rent free and after the expiration of that period, we agree to pay a moderate rent for the lands, we may cultivate or pay a house - tax as Government may choose to authorise. Any orders that may be issued respecting the Akbarry shall be duly attended to.

2.  We further engage that we shall desist from trafficking in slaves according to regulations of the government generally.

3.   We engage also to endeavour to prevent or intercept any inroad of the Singphoo and Mishimees on the Saddeya ryot, and shall obey all orders of the civil or political authorities on the frontiers. 

4.   All petty crimes and offences occurring amongst ourselves shall be settled by the Chiefs of the village, but all heinous offences, such as, robbery, murder, dacoit, wounding and counter feite coins, we promised, to make over the offenders to Political Agent, with their respective witnesses for trail; and disputes between the heads of the different villages or clans shall also be referred to the same authority.

5.   At the expiration of ten years, whole of out Agreement will be subject to a revision and alteration, as it may seem best to his Lordship to determine on.

6.   Should we or any of the Khamptees in any way depart from the faithful adherence of the above Agreement, and commit any acts of violence, we shall be subject to be driven out of the province, and be without further excuse.

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